About Us

In the rush of the contemporary life, now more than ever, we need a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Understanding such demands, an idea brand for quick, delicious and nutritious meals was formed. After a long process of developing the best recipes, HealthWich Vietnam was established in April 2014 with a wish to accompany our customers in every meal, from young, active people, busy officers to expatriates and tourists in Vietnam. We put our hearts into making the best submarine sandwiches, salads, pure and fresh juices, and desserts. Inspired by fast food stalls, however instead of greasy fried dishes, Healthwich is dedicated to bringing the freshest fast food every day with a healthy twist. Healthwich’s menu is a mix of various delicious flavors to serve the pickiest tastebuds out there. We are proud to have been making our products 100% FRESH every day. The ingredients are carefully chosen from certified suppliers, along with a highly hygienic food processing system right at our stores. With the aim to provide the freshest homemade meals, we make our own breads, baked fresh on the day of sale. We make our fillings for sandwiches and salads at the counter, litmiting the use of frying for more stewing and grilling. This ensures that we are delivering the most nutrition-rich meals at their freshest hour, everyday
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